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    I have a book on BITSAT & it even has a CD! Isn’t that enough?

    Unfortunately, not. A book cannot teach you how to approach a question, formulate an approach & solve it. More than often books are hopelessly outdated & inefficient. It can’t update itself to your needs, can’t help if you are unable to understand & learn something, can’t give you a feedback on where you are going wrong & how to rectify your mistakes.

  2. 2

    How is this better than a test series for BITSAT? Do I really need it?

    Yes, you do. BITSAT asks questions of more than 150 marks from the topics which are not in the syllabus of JEE & Boards. No test series can teach you those topics, Shortcut to BITSAT can!

  3. 4

    I am quite good in PCM, do I need it?

    What you mean to say is that you are good in PCM of JEE/Boards syllabus but BITSAT requires much more. There are many topics of PCM which are exclusive to BITSA. Then there are L.R. & E.P. & then there is a question of speed, exam pattern, uniqueness of testing pattern & methodology. You don’t want to face all of them unprepared, trust us.

  4. 3

    Does it include a test series?

    Yes of course, it does. And not any ordinary test series but an A.I. powered testing system, BITSAT-Simulator which not only tests you but also helps you immensely in improving your speed & accuracy.

  5. 6

    Are these video lectures? Do I need a webcam?

    No, not at all. Video lectures don’t help you understand, they just throw data at you. They don't bother whether you understand or not. Ours is an interactive course. We make sure that you learn and the course helps you if you do not. No, you do not need a webcam.

  6. 5

    What are the timings? Do I need to study at a particular/fixed time?

    Whichever you want! You can learn anytime, the system works 24x7. Learn for as long as you want, log out & when you come back it will start exactly from where you left it, always synchronized.

  7. 8

    Do I need to prepare for the L.R. and E.P. sections of BITSAT?

    They are not like the questions which you faced/enjoyed in PSA & Board exams :) And there are only two ways to be able to solve them, either you are a genius or you learn how to solve them.

  8. 7

    Which devices can I use to learn Shortcut to BITSAT?

    You don’t need to download any video, software, or app, just open the website, login & learn. You can use any device, Desktop, Laptop, iPad or Tablet, even a Smartphone.

  9. 10

    My concepts are not clear; can I cover the entire syllabus with your course?

    That’s the idea and purpose. We focus on the topics, chapters and concepts which are exclusive to BITSAT but we do take care of all the other topics too. Work hard & you will learn it all.

  10. 9

    Why my coaching/teachers didn’t prepare me for topics asked in BITSAT?

    The first reason is they were preparing you for JEE, JEE alone. It has become such a cliché in India that teachers don’t think above & beyond JEE but it’s your career. You must think and act.

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    What is the joining process?

    Click on the Fee Details button on the top right hand side of the page, there you will see our previous results and the fee details, click on checkout & then pay the course fee online through our secure server.

  12. 11

    What will I need other than this course to prepare for BITSAT?

    Nothing, none. Shortcut to BITSAT is more than enough to take care of everything… learning, understanding, practice, testing, improvising... everything. No book or material or test series will be needed, none.